What do you need to know about maintaining a wooden floor?

Wood Floor Care: How to maintain the beauty of your FEEL WOOD solid wood floor

Our finishes combine the highest quality with exceptional durability and are easy to care for. This is particularly true of our FEEL WOOD natural wood flooring, which is available in a wide range of finishes and is a wonderful design element for any style of interior.

With a few basic rules, regular maintenance and a love of wood, you can turn your FEEL WOOD solid wood floor into a reliable “friend for life”. Regular cleaning gently removes dust or moisture from the surface. These can cause long-term harm.

We also recommend the use of wood care products to restore the shine and the use of runners or doormats in high-traffic areas of your home to protect your floor from scratches.

Our surface combines the highest quality with exceptional durability and ease of care. Solid wood flooring is generally characterised by its durability and resilience, as well as being more environmentally friendly and easier to maintain than any other flooring. A solid wood floor is also much more hygienic than a carpet. Dirt, bacteria and microbes cannot accumulate in the material.

Here are some important actions:
  • Avoid excessive use of water during cleaning.
  • Quickly remove damp stains such as shoe prints or liquids to prevent them from penetrating the wood.
  • Make sure you clean them regularly with our special care products.
  • Do not use any substances that could damage the surface of the wood (avoid microfibre cloths; use only soft brushes when vacuuming to avoid scratching the floor; do not use aggressive household cleaners or industrial chemicals).
  • Follow our informative CARE GUIDE for proper care and easy cleaning methods.
  • Lay dirt-trapping mats in the entrance area.
  • Place felt buffers underneath moving objects, such as the legs of a chair or a side table.
  • Pay attention to the recommended room climate for FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring. The ideal relative humidity is between 45% and 65%.
  • Inform the occupants of the room and any cleaning companies about the proper handling of the FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring.

By following these basic rules you will enjoy your FEEL WOOD solid wood floor for a lifetime. Be inspired by the natural beauty and durability of this floor covering!

See the FEEL WOOD Care Guide for more information.

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