the perfect solid wood floors

Authentic living experience with FEEL WOOD. Solid wood flooring that tells stories. Naturally. Healthy. High quality.

Each floorboard is unique:
FEEL WOOD Solid wood flooring with inimitable charm

Wood is and will always be a natural product, and no two floorboards are the same. And that’s a good thing, because the solid wood floor only develops its full effect over its entire surface. Irregularities in colour and structure are typical characteristics that identify wooden flooring as a natural product and set it apart from synthetic flooring. No other material offers the advantages of solid wood flooring.

Wooden construction at the highest level
made in Austria

Solid wood flooring is the top product among floor coverings. FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is produced from a solid piece of wood from sustainable forestry. A number of small refinements in the production technology make the solid wood flooring the perfect fit for generations.

Unique features
of wooden flooring

Die FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring has tongue and groove all round, which allows time and cost-saving continuous installation. Microfibre on all sides underlines the typical floorboards character of the product. Relief grooves prevent excessive bowling, a small backing of the groove and tongue cheeks increases the accuracy of fit. The surface is smooth and finely polished. The factory offers a comprehensive programme of high-quality, resistant and ecological surface treatments.

Wood is a hygroscopic material and reacts to the moisture in its environment. The absorption and release of moisture changes the dimensions of the floorboards. A difference is made between changes in length and width, within the width according to tangential or radial incision (horizontal or vertical annual rings).

The swelling and shrinkage behaviour in the length is negligible, in the width it varies depending on the type of wood and the cut. If the wood moisture content drops, the wood shrinks and cracks appear in the floor. With a residual moisture reduction of 5 % and an average swelling and shrinkage rate of 0.25 %, this results in 1.25 %. With a floorboard width of 128 mm, 1.25 % results in approx. 1.6 mm gaps. These values are averaged and may vary slightly depending on the wood species, growth area and annual rings of the floorboards (edge or core area).

FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is delivered with a residual moisture content of 9% (+/-2%). At a room temperature of approx. 20°C and a relative humidity of 50 to 65%, this corresponds to the wood moisture content. With this moisture content, we guarantee a high accuracy of fit. If these values are adhered to, no significant gaps are to be expected.

Barefoot pleasure without compromise
thanks to underfloor heating

Nowadays, modern, contemporary living is always associated with underfloor heating. The pleasant feel-good climate and energy-saving operation are very popular with house builders and renovators. In combination with a solid wood floor from FEEL WOOD, they create a unique living atmosphere.


The solid wood flooring is made of wood through and through. There is no gluing - the rising heat from the underfloor heating can therefore not cause any emission of artificial ingredients.


Solid wood flooring is 1 piece of solid wood, through and through, made from a naturally grown type of wood. This results in homogeneous swelling and shrinkage when moisture changes, evenly distributed over the entire volume.

Resistant to high temperatures

Solid wood does not react to temperature, but only to the humidity of the atmosphere. Therefore, even prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or the introduction of higher temperatures from underfloor heating is unproblematic for solid wood flooring.

Heat conductivity

Depending on the type of wood, solid wood flooring has a similar or better thermal conductivity than multi-layer parquet, but also a more homogeneous heat transfer, because there are no softwood and glue layers and no air gaps to 'disturb'.

Foot-warm in mid-season

Solid wood flooring in conjunction with underfloor heating requires a slightly longer reaction time when heating up and cooling down than stone or ceramic floors, for example. In the unheated transitional periods, however, solid wood remains much more pleasantly "warm to the feet". You can feel the difference in "barefoot use"!

Approved for all types of installation

We recommend oak, ash, larch, spruce, pine and alpine stone pine for installation. With this selection of wood types, you can be sure that your underfloor heating will function optimally and your floor will look beautiful at the same time.

Wood: the sustainable and long-lasting choice
for your home

Comeback of the solid wood flooring

Ceramic floors are a thing of the past. With a wooden floor, you can create a cosy atmosphere in your home. Wood radiates warmth and welcomes you at all times. Wooden floors not only upgrade the look of any room, they also have positive effects on health. That's why solid wood flooring is back in fashion.

Resistance to liquids

The oxidatively dried natural oil surface is resistant to coffee, red wine and other liquids, including disinfectants. FEEL WOOD manages the balancing act between resilience and a pleasant and cosy living experience.

Durability & sustainability

The FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring also impresses in the real world with its floorboard thickness, accuracy of fit and resistance to chemicals and moisture. Thanks to its strong wear layer, multiple renovation options and the resulting longevity, it meets the trend and demand for sustainability.

No indoor air pollution

The glue-free solid wood flooring, made from a single piece of wood, goes one step further. FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is harmless to health, as there is no indoor air pollution from volatile organic compounds or other harmful substances.