FEEl WOOD Solid wood flooring combines tradition and innovation

Discover the natural beauty of FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring: years of experience and modern production in Austria for satisfied customers.

Philosophy and

FEEL WOOD production was started in 1992 as part of the Leitinger Holzindustrie. With over 30 years of experience and state-of-the-art production technology at the Austrian production site in Wernersdorf/Styria, it guarantees the highest quality.

Most of the employees in the FEEL WOOD team have been with us from day one and have experienced many highs – but also some lows – over the last 30 years. However, they have always been united by their love of the product and the expertise they have gained in all aspects of FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring during this time.

FEEL WOOD customers benefit from this experience today. Since 2012, FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring production has been a 100% subsidiary of SECA-Holzindustrie from Upper Austria, which provides the innovative Styrian quality producer with the necessary backing in procurement and sales.

Precision made in Austria
Production technology for the highest demands

Our vision at FEEL WOOD is to provide you and your family with a healthy and sustainable home. With our high-quality solid wood flooring from Austria, we not only want to improve your living space, but also make a contribution to protecting our environment. We are convinced that each and every one of us is responsible for our world. That’s why we rely on sustainable materials and ecologically responsible production.

Solid wood flooring

developed and produced by people for people, for whom sustainability, ecology, precision, durability, design, individuality and health for you and your family are not just slogans.

With FEEL WOOD, you not only bring the natural beauty of wood into your home, but also a sense of closeness to nature and sustainability. Let’s work together to make our world a little more beautiful every day – with our high-quality wooden floorboards from FEEL WOOD!

FSC® stands for „Forest Stewardship Council®“. It is an international certification system for more sustainable forest management.

The “MADE IN AUSTRIA” quality seal recognises products that have been produced in Austria.

15-year quality guarantee on
FEEL WOOD solid wood floorboards

Our promise to you: With a 15-year quality guarantee on our FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring, we stand for unrivalled quality and naturalness. We know that wood is a natural product and that every floorboard is unique. That’s why we attach great importance to sorting and quality control in accordance with EN standards and our own FEEL WOOD factory standard when producing our floorboards. This means we can guarantee you consistently high quality that will look its best in your home.FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is manufactured in accordance with the EN 13990 standard for softwood and EN 13629 for hardwood. In addition, a special FEEL WOOD factory standard defines the exact sorting specifications. In order to present our customers with the best possible quality grading of solid wood flooring, we provide a data sheet including a grading image.

Please note that the full effect of the solid wood floor only becomes visible on the surface. We therefore recommend that you also take a look at our extensive image material of our reference projects to help you make your decision.

With Feel Wood you get high-quality solid wood flooring with a 15-year guarantee. Discover the beauty and originality of wood in your rooms!