Tips for cleaning and caring for wooden floors

Solid wood floors are a natural product. Accordingly, the cleaning and care of wooden floors is important for the long life of your valuable floors.

Initial care for
long-lasting pleasure

So easy is the initial care after installation: FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is usually supplied with a finished surface – e.g. natural oiled. Soiling can of course occur on the construction site and during installation. In order to give you unlimited pleasure with the FEEL WOOD solid wood floor, to give the floor a perfect appearance in your new home and to emphasise its natural beauty, we recommend simple initial care immediately after installation.

Dry cleaning

Use a powerful hoover to prevent dirt from being rubbed into the gaps during wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning with FEEL WOOD care oil

Apply a small amount of FEEL WOOD maintenance oil, spread with a floor wiper and mop. After being oiled twice at the factory, the floor only absorbs a small amount of oil - it is more a case of "oiling out" to create the visual effect of a new floor

Protection and care for
your wooden floor

To ensure that your FEEL WOOD floor gives you pleasure for a long time, it is important to note that oiled wooden floors require regular maintenance. Indoors, it is normally recommended once a year and several times a year in areas subject to heavy wear in commercial buildings.

Depending on the wear and tear, a natural oiled wooden floor in the living area should be thoroughly maintained at least once a year in addition to regular cleaning. This maintenance interval should be shortened for heavily used surfaces in commercial buildings.

Dry cleaning

with a powerful hoover.

Wet cleaning

with a mixture of FEEL WOOD natural wood floor soap and water. Add approx. 50 ml (1/2 yoghurt pot) of soap to 5 litres of water. Wipe the floor well with this solution and a wrung-out cotton cloth. For larger areas or very heavy soiling, work with two buckets so that you can rinse the soiled mop cloth in clear water before reapplying the soap solution to the floor as protection. The floor must be completely dry before the next step of re-oiling -approx. 8 hours drying time!

ATTENTION: Do not use microfibre cloths, as their abrasive effect removes the oil from the wood pores.


Without polishing machine: drop FEEL WOOD maintenance oil onto the surface to be maintained or spray on with a pump sprayer. Then wipe evenly in the direction of the floorboards with the floor wiper. Leave to dry without polishing. Please note the longer drying time of approx. 12 to 14 hours. With proper care, you can preserve the value and flawless aesthetics of your FEEL WOOD solid wood floor. So you can enjoy it! Our cleaning and care products are specially adapted to the requirements of our FEEL WOOD wooden floors. They protect the surfaces, revitalise them and make your floors shine like the day they were installed. And the best thing is: no additional cleaning products are required.

Preventive measures

Avoid standing water. Protect the surface from scratches, e.g. by using felt glides under chairs and furniture. Remove sharp-edged materials such as sand or stone splinters.

Safety instructions

Oil-soaked cloths and sanding dust can ignite spontaneously. Soak them in water, store them in a tightly sealed container and dispose of them.

Treat your wooden floor
Feel Wood the ultimate range of care products

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