Can underfloor heating be combined with solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring and underfloor heating: the perfect combination for your home

Are you wondering whether it is possible to install underfloor heating under a solid wood floor? The answer is yes! And that’s not all. There are even more advantages to this combination.

Combining solid wood flooring with modern underfloor heating offers several advantages
  • The first big plus is comfort. The combination of solid wood floorboards and underfloor heating creates a pleasant indoor climate. The wood stores the heat and slowly releases it into the room, creating a cosy atmosphere. People with allergies also benefit from this type of heating: the even heat distribution means that dust is not stirred up and spread around the room.
  • Another benefit is energy efficiency. By distributing heat evenly across the entire floor surface, less energy is needed to heat the room to a comfortable temperature. The result is long-term savings on heating costs and a better environment.
  • It also opens up new possibilities in terms of design. Solid wood floorboards add a natural charm to any room and create a cosy atmosphere. Combined with underfloor heating, they really come into their own. There are no distracting radiators to spoil the look.

To conclude: Underfloor heating under solid wood floors is not only possible, it is highly recommended. The added comfort, energy efficiency and attractive design speak for themselves. So why not get the best of both worlds? You will not regret it!

FEEL the WOOD advice

When installing underfloor heating there are a few things to consider:
To ensure the best integration of underfloor heating into the living space, careful planning and installation are essential. It is important to ensure that the total thermal resistance of the flooring structure does not exceed the recommended value of 0.15 m2 /kW.

Wooden floors are ideal for installation over underfloor heating, despite any doubts you may have! Their natural structure allows them to regulate moisture and prevent the room from drying out. However, when installing underfloor heating under solid wood flooring, it is essential to consult a specialist to achieve the best possible result. They can accurately analyse the floor structure and ensure that all components are perfectly matched.

Don’t hesitate to discover the fascinating combination of underfloor heating and wooden floors for yourself!

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