Celebrate Arbor Day with a focus on the oaks

Worldwide, Arbor Day is celebrated on 25 April, an opportunity to recognise the importance and beauty of trees and to promote their protection. This special day was first celebrated in 1952 and has grown in importance ever since. The aim is to make society aware of the importance of trees and to actively encourage people to support the conservation of forests.

Traditionally, Arbor Day is a planting day. This means that new trees have been and will be planted on this day of action. It is an opportunity for communities, schools, businesses and individuals to come together and make a contribution to the environment by planting trees and actively helping to preserve our ecosystem.

To celebrate the International Day of the Tree on 25 April, the Austrian Forestry Association is highlighting the many different functions of a tree throughout its life and its importance for human well-being, whether as a tree in the forest, as furniture, wood flooring or as a source of energy. This emphasises the need not only to plant trees, but also to protect them and use them sustainably.

We don’t want to keep a few of the tree records from you:

  • The oldest tree is a 9550-year-old spruce on Mount Fulu (Sweden).
  • The current tallest tree is in the Californian National Park and stands at 115.5 metres – the tallest tree measured to date is an Australian giant eucalyptus at 132.58 metres, which also holds the record.
  • The thickest tree is a Mexican bald cypress with a diameter of 58 metres.
  • Tasmania is home to the tree with the oldest root system, which is an incredible 10,500 years old.
  • The oldest oak tree, as well as our production plant, is located in the picturesque region of Styria and is a proud 1000 years old.

„Dicke Oachn“

© Kurkommission Bad Blumau | Jennifer Rath

In this context, we would like to introduce you to one of the oldest and most impressive oak trees in Europe – the 1000 year old oak tree of Bad Blumau, affectionately known by the locals as the “Dicke Oachn”.

The ‘Dicke Oachn’ is an ancient sessile oak and a truly imposing symbol of endurance and strength. Located in the municipality of Bad Blumau in the Austrian province of Styria, it sits majestically on the Eichenweg between Bierbaum an der Safen and Loimeth. This oak is not only a botanical wonder, but also a cultural heritage that has fascinated people of all ages for centuries.

Its thousand-year history is marked by countless events and environmental changes. As the oldest oak tree in Europe, it is a living testimony to times gone by and a place to be admired by nature lovers and historians alike.

With this in mind, we encourage you to celebrate Arbor Day by connecting with nature and honouring the beauty and importance of trees in all their facets. Let’s celebrate the ‘Dicke Oachn’ and other impressive trees. They provide us with oxygen, shade and habitat. For many centuries to come, may they continue to delight our hearts and enrich our environment!

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