Solid wood flooring – yes or no?

You are moving, building or renovating and have chosen a wooden floor. But you are not sure what type of wooden floor it should be exactly. Don’t worry, once you’ve read this, you’ll feel confident in deciding which one to choose.

What exactly is solid wood flooring?

When looking for a new wooden floor, you may come across terms like parquet, laminate and solid wood. But what exactly are solid wood floors or solid wood flooring? Solid wood flooring is a classic wooden floor covering and is made of 100% real wood. In contrast to parquet flooring, which consists of several layers.

What characterises solid wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is characterised by the use of solid wood Floorboards can also be extra long, making them ideal for running the length of a room, not only in old buildings but also in many modern new builds. The use of this natural material and the length of the planks gives the floor a sophisticated look, while creating a cosy atmosphere in any room in which it is installed. They also provide a comfortable feel for your feet. Thanks to the tongue and groove system, the floorboards can be laid endlessly.

How sustainable and durable is a solid wood floor?

Flooring made from solid wood flooring is not only sustainable, but also extremely durable – the perfect floor for families with children or pet owners. Wood is a natural raw material. It is strong and durable and, with good care, will last forever. The floor can be sanded if it shows signs of wear over time. Solid wood floors can be sanded several times compared to parquet due to the thicker wear layer. This makes the floor especially hard-wearing.

Are there any other advantages of solid wood flooring?

They not only look good and feel good, but also provide a natural indoor climate. The wood absorbs and releases moisture. The result is a regulated humidity. Solid wood floors also provide a warm, comfortable feel underfoot, which can be enhanced with underfloor heating.

Is there a choice of wood species for solid wood flooring?

Importantly, not all solid wood floors are the same. The choice of wood species, such as oak, pine or Siberian larch, the way the boards are laid and the surface treatment all affect the appearance of the floor. Solid wood flooring can look both rustic and elegant, depending on individual preferences. The type of surface treatment can also influence the effect and change the appearance of the whole solid wood floor. Solid wood flooring has a timeless beauty that suits any style of living, whether classic or modern. The possibilities are almost limitless, so you can tailor the floor to your individual needs.

Can solid wood flooring be installed in wet rooms?

Contrary to popular belief, solid wood flooring can be installed in wet rooms such as bathrooms. This should be possible if you pay attention to a few important points. However, it is important to ensure that a particular solid wood floor is specifically approved for damp locations. It’s also worth remembering that these floors need to be cared for more than in other rooms.

FEEL the WOOD Tipp

There are many types of wood to choose from. We would like to give you a few tips and show you the advantages of oak. Oak is a native wood species that is more environmentally friendly than tropical woods. It is very hard and therefore extremely robust and strong. Oak also does not change colour quickly. Changes in humidity are not a problem either. The wood expands very little and does not shrink significantly. The appearance of the oak wood varies depending on the surface treatment, so that the floor can achieve different effects.

Clear YES to solid wood flooring

When you choose a solid wood floor, you are choosing a floor that adds natural charm, warmth and durability to your home. You are not only choosing an attractive option and a durable natural product. You are also choosing a sustainable and environmentally friendly floor covering. Solid wood flooring offers you a wide range of choices. It ensures that you feel completely at ease in your home.

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