Customised surfaces for your wooden floor

Discover the unique variety of FEEL WOOD surfaces for your wooden floor. Oiled. Lacquered. Or natural.

the difference

The FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is something for individualists. The character of the solid wood flooring can be further enhanced by specially textured surfaces. Brushed or band-sawn surfaces give hardwood floors a distinctive look. The quality of softwoods is also improved, as the surface is less susceptible to visual damage after brushing.

Natural surface

In addition to our finished surfaces, you also have the option of getting our solid wood flooring with a raw, finely sanded surface. The natural FEEL WOOD surface gives the room a calm, natural atmosphere and invites you to feel at home. The noble, loving, careful finish of the wooden floor ultimately impresses with its appearance and quality - for a lifetime.

Oiled surface

Oiled floors are characterised above all by their ability to breathe and their pleasant surface texture. Natural oil impregnates the wood, the surface remains natural, feels pleasant and is very easy to renovate. The FEEL WOOD surface is already oiled twice, very tough and easy to clean. With our FEEL WOOD surface, you have the option of choosing between an organic, declared AURO surface or an oxidatively hardening natural oil surface.

Lacquered surface

A particularly hard-wearing surface is dirt-resistant and easy to maintain. The FEEL WOOD lacquered surface consists of six layers, is tested in accordance with EN standards and is suitable for commercial properties. This high-quality surface impresses with its silky shine as well as its elegant appearance.

Discover the variety of our
surface treatments

FEEL WOOD stands for high-quality solid wood flooring and offers a wide range of variation options with additional surface treatments. By combining them with coloured oils, you can achieve both a modern and rustic look and thus realise your individual living dreams.

Take a look at our offer and let us advise you!

Quality and perfection

Our surface treatments are not only visually appealing, but also functional. We effectively protect the wood from moisture and wear and tear with our special surface technology. Our surface was developed to preserve the natural beauty of the wood while creating a robust surface that can resist daily wear and tear. When producing our floorboards, we attach great importance to sorting and quality control in accordance with EN standards and our own FEEL WOOD factory standards. We guarantee a consistently high level of quality that works perfectly in your home. Our special FEEL WOOD factory standard defines precise grading specifications to maintain the quality of the solid wood flooring for years.