Does the wooden floor warp/twist because it is “solid”?

Solid wood flooring without warping: FEEL WOOD floorboards are the solution

FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring impresses not only with its natural beauty and durability, but also with its relaxed appearance. In contrast to conventional planed floorboards, the FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is free of tension even before it is laid. The special production technology prevents almost completely unwanted twisting or warping.

Only swelling and shrinkage in width can occur with changes in humidity, which is a normal reaction to different humidity conditions in the room. Before installation the FEEL WOOD floorboard is always in the ideal humidity of 9 % +/-2 %, which means that it behaves neutrally under normal and “healthy” room conditions with a humidity of 45 to 65 %.

Even if the humidity is very low over a longer period of time and the solid wood parquet dries out – it cannot fall below 6% – no visible warping or twisting will occur. This speaks in favour of the high stability, even under varying surrounding conditions.

Increased humidity occurs rather rarely, usually only during the summer. It usually has only a minor effect on the wooden floor in a room with a normal ceiling height. Warm air carries more moisture than cool air, meaning that increased humidity mainly occurs in the upper areas of the room. The floor is less affected and remains mostly unchanged.

But there is one exception: solid wood flooring should generally not be used in wet rooms, because it is not suitable for this purpose. Another type of floor with a water-resistant surface is recommended here. However, if you do not want to sacrifice the natural beauty of a solid wood floor, for example in the bathroom, you should take careful precautions to avoid deformation caused by moisture. In particular, standing water on the floorboard surfaces should be avoided, so wiping up puddles of water quickly is recommended. Remember that a technical waterproofing measure between the wall and the floorboard is essential to provide your wooden bathroom floor with long-lasting protection. Water vapour condensing on the walls should not be able to run down the wall and creep under the floorboards. Occasional re-oiling with care oil keeps the wood surface smoother and prevents moisture from entering the solid wood flooring.

When it concerns calmness (warping or twisting) about solid wood flooring, FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is undoubtedly the best choice. Thanks to its flexible production, it guarantees long-lasting stability and thus ensures a stable floor that will give pleasure for years to come.

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