Does a solid wood floor make splinters?

Solid wood flooring without cracks and splinters – it’s that easy!

Solid wood flooring is a truly natural product and reacts to certain environmental influences. If the wood dries out too much, fine cracks can form, which can even lead to splintering at the edges of the annual rings. But don’t worry, such cracking or splitting can be prevented.

Surface treatment
The good news is that a lacquered surface provides an effective finish and protects the solid wood flooring from moisture, dirt and wear. This prevents the floor from splintering and extends the durability of the floorboards. The lacquer forms a protective layer that prevents the wood from drying out and at the same time preserves the natural look and colour of the wood.

For those who prefer an alternative surface treatment, a natural oil finish may be a good option. The natural oil is breathable and allows for the exchange of moisture between the wood and the air in the room. This minimises the risk of the wood drying out. The natural oil absorbs deep into the wood and gives it suppleness, preventing cracking and splitting.

Cleaning and care
When cleaning a solid wood floor, it is important to use gentle cleaning agents and methods to prevent scratches and damage to the wood surface. Microfibre cloths can be scratchy due to their fine fibres and should therefore be avoided.

The use of aggressive household or industrial cleaners can also cause damage and attack the protective film on the wood surface. It is advisable to use special wood floor soap instead, which is added to the cleaning water. This soap not only cleans the floor effectively, but also has a moisturising effect that prevents the wood from drying out and preserves its natural suppleness.

Despite regular cleaning, it can happen that the wooden floor feels dry and loses its lustre and suppleness. In such cases, it is advisable to re-oil the floor in order to optimise the care of the wood and prevent further damage. The use of special care oils or waxes helps to moisturise the wood, prevent cracks and keep the floor in the best possible condition.

If, despite all precautionary measures, a splinter occurs, there are simple ways to repair the affected area.

With a suitable surface treatment and appropriate care, you can ensure that your solid wood floor stays beautiful for a long time – without any splintering!

The FEEL WOOD care guide gives you valuable tips and tricks on how to care for your floor and protect it from damage.