How often can a solid wood floor be sanded?

Solid wood flooring: increased durability through repeated sanding

A solid wood floor is a timeless classic that not only creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in any room, but is also known for its durability. A frequently asked question: how often can you sand a solid wood floor?

The good news is that a good quality solid wood floor can be sanded a number of times to give it a new lustre and shine. A major advantage of solid wood flooring over other types of flooring is that it consists of a solid layer of wood, so there is plenty of material available.

A solid wood floor can usually be sanded three to five times, depending on the thickness of the wear layer of the parquet or hardwood floor. The wear layer thickness of FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is 4.5 mm (for 15 mm floorboards) and 7 mm (for all floorboards from 19 to 27 mm thick). However, it is always recommended to have the condition of the floor assessed by a specialist

Sanding removes a thin layer of top wood from the floor using special sanding machines. This removes scratches, signs of wear and other damage and smoothes the wood surface. After sanding, the floor should be resealed or oiled to protect it from moisture and dirt.

There are several factors to consider before sanding your solid wood floor for the first time:


Check the wear layer thickness: the thicker, the more often the floor can be sanded.


Consider carefully whether sanding is necessary: some minor scratches or signs of wear can be repaired by oiling or waxing the floor, and check the thickness of the wear layer: the thicker it is, the more often the floor can be sanded.


Clean the floor properly before sanding and make sure it is dry.

It is important to note that sanding a solid wood floor is a professional job. It requires specialised knowledge and experience in handling sanding machines and selecting the right abrasive. It is therefore always advisable to hire a professional.

With regular care and maintenance, solid wood floors retain their natural beauty for decades. Sanding allows you to make your floor shine in new splendour and adapt it to your individual needs – whether for a renovation project or simply for a fresh look in your home.

All in all, a solid wood floor not only lasts a long time. It can also be sanded and refinished over and over again. With this option, you can be sure that your floor will retain its value for a long time and still look like new – no matter how many years it has already spent in your home.

Consider solid wood flooring if you are looking for a durable flooring that is timelessly beautiful and can be refinished several times!

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