We walk on it, stand on it, use it every day – our floor!

When it comes to solid wood, we have a healthy and sustainable resource. The solid wood floor is free of glue and emissions, pleasantly warm for the feet, easy on the wrists and regulates the room climate. The positive characteristics of wood contribute significantly to a feel-good atmosphere. Each solid wood plank is made from a single piece of wood – a natural product – so no two planks are the same.

From the tree to the finished flooring

The manufacturing process of a solid wood plank begins with a piece of wood. It is specially dried. FEEL WOOD uses a special production technology. Each individual part is measured in one run, with ten measurements recorded. The average and sum of these measurements are used to determine whether or not the board is suitable for production. Quality is strictly controlled.

FEEL WOOD works closely with partners such as sawmills and state-owned forests, which have to meet strict requirements. For us, sustainability means no over-exploitation, no plantations and no deforestation.

In 2012, the Ottensheim-based company SECA acquired the FEEL WOOD production facility in Styria. The former Leitinger Holzindustrie became a wholly owned subsidiary of SECA. Not only the products, but also the dedicated team in southern Styria were taken over. Our activities cover three levels: production (industrial manufacturing), wholesale and retail.

SECA has wholesale distribution throughout Austria, particularly between Salzburg and Vienna and between Linz and Graz. The company also operates worldwide.


Wood lives, every grain is unique. We recommend that you feel and see the wood before installing. This is because actual colour tones can never be accurately reproduced in photographs or catalogues. You will certainly be familiar with the problem that pictures and photos cannot always authentically represent nature. This is why it is important to inspect the wood in person at the retailers and to touch the floorboards. This is the only way to experience the warmth of an oiled surface and ensure that the desired colour tone is achieved.

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