How resistant is solid wood flooring to pets?

Wood floors and pets: Which solid wood floors are suitable for dogs and cats?

The right floor is an essential part of a home, especially if pets are present. As well as being visually appealing, solid wood floors are often more resistant to wear and tear and pet damage than other alternatives.

We present several options to help you maximise the life of your solid wood floor and choose the best materials for your pet. We give you a detailed overview of the different types of wood on the market and compare their properties in terms of their resistance to pets. We also explain what to look for when buying new floorboards and whether and how much extra protection is needed.

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Solid wood flooring is an excellent choice for pet owners as it is extremely strong and durable. Compared to other floor coverings such as carpet or laminate, a solid wood flooring is more resistant to claw marks, stains and dirt. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your wooden floor is truly pet safe. For example, make sure that the wood you choose is hard enough – soft woods can be scratched or damaged more easily. It is also important to use the right surface treatment and to maintain the floor on a regular basis. A sealed surface protects the floor from moisture damage caused by your pet’s spilt water or urine. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth will remove dust and dirt from the surface.

If you are unsure which material would be most suitable, we recommend that you consult a specialist before making your decision.

All in all, solid wood flooring offers many advantages for households with pets: it’s attractive, it resists scuff marks and it’s easy to clean!

It is also an environmentally friendly choice, as wood is a sustainable raw material. Another benefit of solid wood floors for pet owners is that they are low in allergens and can therefore improve the air quality in the home.

So if you are faced with the decision of choosing a new floor covering and you also have pets, you should definitely consider choosing a solid wood floor. With the right care and attention, it will give you years of pleasure – both in appearance and in function!

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