The advantages of oak solid wood flooring in detail

When it comes to oak wood in interiors, many people still think of heavy, rustic cupboard units from times past. But the present looks different: oak has long found its place in modern furnishing concepts and impresses with its timeless look. Also as solid wood flooring. Oak solid wood flooring is also considered to be of particularly high quality and durable. But what actually makes them so unique?

Oak wood is hard and resistant.

Oak is a hardwood and is characterised by its extraordinary hardiness. With its warm and homogeneous appearance, oak lends any room a cosy atmosphere. Thanks to its high bulk density, the wood is remarkably strong and has excellent resistance to pressure and wear.

Oak solid wood flooring

Basically, all solid oak wood flooring have one thing in common. They are made from a solid piece of wood. This is a big difference to multi-layer planks, which only have a small top layer of real wood.

Different types of wood can be used in the production of oak solid wood flooring, each of which has its own characteristic properties. A popular choice, for example, is European English oak, whose wood is very strong and hard, making it ideal for floors subject to heavy wear. Another option is oak species such as red oak from European growing areas. This is characterised by its beautiful grain and light colour and adds natural warmth to any room.

The different types of solid oak wood flooring offer not only visual variety, but also different degrees of hardness and robustness. Depending on where the floorboards are to be laid – whether in residential or commercial areas – you can choose the right type of oak to meet the requirements.

Wood structure and colours of oak

Oak wood is extremely popular with many customers due to its unique wood structure and fascinating colouring. The structure of the oak wood is characterised by its striking grain. The annual rings are clearly recognisable and lend the wood a natural beauty.

In terms of colour, oak offers various nuances – from light brown to golden yellow to dark brown with reddish tones. This allows a wide range of design options both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the oak wood is not only visually impressive, but also functional: it is resistant to moisture and fungal attack and has good dimensional stability.

Homogeneous wood structure

The heartwood of the oak is characterised by a regular colouring, while it is surrounded by a lighter sapwood. Over time, the sunlight darkens the oak wood and gives it a yellow to dark brownish colour. However, oak is particularly popular for solid wood floors due to its homogeneous, even and warm surface.

Oak solid wood flooring: oiled, lacquered or natural.

The colour of oak wood can be changed by treating the surface. There are various options available for treating solid oak wood flooring to achieve the desired colour effect.

The character of the solid wood flooring is underlined by specially structured surfaces. Brushed or band-sawn surfaces give hardwood floors a distinctive look. The quality of softwoods is also improved, as the surface is less susceptible to visual damage after brushing. Feel Wood has a modern system for surface treatment.

In conclusion, solid oak wood flooring is an excellent choice for any room. They are robust, durable and give every room a warm and cosy atmosphere. With a wide selection of colours and surface textures, you can design your wooden floor individually and adapt it to your needs. If you would like to find out more about the diverse possibilities of solid oak wood flooring, please contact us.

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