What is the floor construction of solid wood flooring?

Floor structure for plank constructions: All you need to know!

FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring is unique because it is sourced from sustainable forests and is made from one solid piece of wood. Thanks to a multitude of fine details in the production technology, the solid wood plank becomes a perfectly fitting solid parquet floor that will last for generations.

Top quality wooden construction, made in Austria. Thanks to a series of sophisticated production processes, the solid wood planks become a perfectly fitting solid parquet floor that will last for generations. FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring has a circumferential tongue-and-groove system for time and cost effective installation. Microfibre on all sides emphasises the characteristic plank look of the product. Relief grooves help to prevent excessive warping, while a small amount of backing on the groove and tongue cheeks increases the accuracy of the fit. The surface is smooth and finely polished. The factory offers a comprehensive range of high quality, durable and environmentally friendly surface treatments.

FEEL the WOOD knowledge

Wood is a material that reacts to the moisture in its environment. The absorption and release of moisture changes the dimensions of the planks. There are changes in length and width. Swelling and shrinkage in length is negligible, but varies in width depending on the species and cut. When the moisture content of the wood drops, the wood shrinks and gaps appear in the floor. The total change is 0.78% with a 3% reduction in residual moisture and an average swell and shrink value of 0.26. With a plank width of 137 mm, this corresponds to approximately 1 mm gaps. These values are averages and may vary slightly depending on the species, growth area and annual rings of the boards (edge or core area). FEEL WOOD solid wood floors are delivered with a residual moisture content of 9% (+/-2%). At a room temperature of around 20°C and a relative humidity of 50-65%, this corresponds to the moisture content of the wood. This moisture ensures a precise fit. If these values are maintained, no significant gaps are expected.

With a plank construction from FEEL WOOD you can be sure that you are getting a high quality product that is protected and durable with an extensive range of surface treatments. The floor structure is designed to provide a solid base for professional floors with a modern and timeless design.

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