What surfaces are available?

Solid wood flooring surfaces: lacquered, oiled and more – let us inspire you!

From smooth to brushed, lacquered to oiled, there are countless ways to create a unique look and feel. The right solid wood floor for you depends on a number of factors. On the one hand, personal taste plays a big role – do you prefer traditional or modern? On the other hand, you should also consider functionality: will the floor be in heavy use and therefore in need of a more robust finish?

A smooth surface, for example, is very easy to clean and looks elegant. It is particularly suitable for rooms with low traffic such as bedrooms or guest rooms. However, those who would prefer the charm of a natural wooden floor, should choose brushed floorboards. Brushing emphasises the grain and creates a rustic look.

Lacquered solid wood flooring is extremely durable and easy to clean. However, the lacquered surface seals the wooden floor tightly and the climate-regulating effect of the solid wood volume is lost.

Oiled floorboards, on the other hand, retain the breathability of the volume of the wood. The natural oil cares for and protects the wood surface and feels pleasant and warm to the touch. Small damages are very easy to repair. Regular maintenance preserves the long-term beauty of oiled floors.

FEEL WOOD offers the right wooden floorboard for every taste!

Cosiness plays an important role in the balance between emotions and rationality. Colours, materials, shapes, light and warmth are the elements that we perceive and select primarily through our emotional world. At the same time, we rationally analyse aspects such as robustness, usability and high durability. A solid wood floor from FEEL WOOD will not only meet your emotional expectations, but will also help you to make the right decisions.

The diverse design options include modern or rustic looks in a wide range of colour variants.

All in all, there are many ways to design your solid wood flooring.

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