Interview with Gerhard Rainer, carpenter and sales partner of FEEL WOOD

Gerhard Rainer
Mamagment of Building and furniture joinery Rainer

FEEL the WOOD: Interview with a sales partner

FEEL WOOD: Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. You are known for your many years of experience and commitment to the carpentry industry. Could you tell us more about your decision to choose solid wood flooring from FEEL WOOD?

Gerhard Rainer: In fact, the decision to work with FEEL WOOD was a strategic one for us. As a joinery that has been synonymous with quality and sustainability for many years, it was important for us to expand our range and always offer the best to our customers. FEEL WOOD’s products fit in perfectly with our concept because they are high quality, natural and healthy

FEEL WOOD: What has particularly attracted you to the solid wood floorboards from FEEL WOOD?

Gerhard Rainer: There are several reasons why we chose FEEL WOOD. On the one hand, the cooperation provides us with an additional pillar, which is a great advantage, especially in difficult economic times. Solid wood flooring sets us apart from the competition and opens up new markets and customers. We also appreciate FEEL WOOD’s quality and customer service, which we can rely on.

FEEL WOOD: How does FEEL WOOD support its distributors like you?

Gerhard Rainer: FEEL WOOD offers its sales partners comprehensive support and service. We get marketing support, can work together to solve tricky installation challenges and take part in expert training. This not only gives us peace of mind, but also strengthens our partnership.

FEEL WOOD: Finally, what advice would you give to other carpenters or companies thinking about working with FEEL WOOD?

Gerhard Rainer: My advice to them would be to take advantage of this opportunity. FEEL WOOD products not only offer a high contribution margin and additional yield, but are also synonymous with reliability and quality. Working with FEEL WOOD has opened up many new opportunities for us and we are delighted to have entered into this partnership.

FEEL WOOD: Thank you, Mr Rainer, for your insights and your time. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with you.

Gerhard Rainer: Thank you very much, I am also looking forward to it and am always available for further questions.

Portrait: Gerhard Rainer and the Rainer joinery and cabinetmaking company

Bau- und Möbeltischlerei Rainer, based in Matrei in East Tyrol, is a traditional family business that has been renowned for its high-quality custom-made furniture and individual interior design since 1982. Under the expert management of Gerhard Rainer, who took over the company from his father Peter Rainer in 1998, the emphasis is on personal advice and support.

The dedicated team at Rainer Joinery specialise in creating all types of bespoke furniture, from exquisite kitchens to stylish bathrooms. In addition, interior doors are made to order, and the joinery also offers bespoke solutions for doctors’ surgeries and shops. As well as furniture, the Rainer joinery is also renowned for the installation of windows and front doors, as well as FEEL WOOD solid wood flooring in a variety of woods to create a warm and natural ambience.

As a founding member of COOP/Holz since 2001, Tischlerei Rainer is actively committed to quality and sustainability. Years of experience and craftsmanship make the Rainer joinery a reliable partner for customers who value first-class, hand-made products. Gerhard Rainer and his team provide innovative solutions, tailored advice and the highest quality standards, making them a household name in the region.

Find out more about the Rainer joinery in Matrei, visit the website at for more information.