Create a cosy living ambience with FEEL WOOD wooden wall panelling

Solid wood flooring is not just a floor covering, it is a way to enhance any room. From the choice of wood to the pattern and colour scheme, they offer numerous design options.

Inside, wood panelling creates a cosy atmosphere and gives each room that little bit extra. Whether rustic or modern, wooden wall panels add a stylish touch to any room. It doesn’t matter which type of wood you choose. Each has its own charm and will make you feel good in your home.

Wood panelling not only looks good, it also provides thermal and acoustic insulation. With this type of panelling, you can not only decorate your rooms, but also increase your living comfort.

All you need to know about interior wood panelling

Interior wood panelling is not only visually appealing but also extremely practical. The natural properties of the material ensure a comfortable room temperature and reduce outside noise. The material also offers a high level of protection against moisture and can therefore be used in damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Installing wood panelling is relatively simple and can be done by anyone with a bit of skill. There are different installation methods to choose from: the classic horizontal option gives a room a rustic look, while vertically installed panels have a more modern style.

All in all, there are many advantages to using wood panelling in interiors, both visually and functionally. So if you want to make your home more comfortable, this type of wall design is the perfect choice!

Harmony of colour and materials is also important for the design of a room. Rustic panelling, for example, is perfect for a country house style, while pale woods such as oak or maple will flatter modern living spaces.

Those who choose to decorate their rooms with this type of wall panelling also have the option of creating accent walls – in which case only one wall in the room is fitted with the connecting panel, allowing it to be highlighted.

All in all, a wood-based interior gives you plenty of options for customising your own four walls – whether it’s a classic look with dark softwood panels or a modern look with white ash panels, it’s up to you!

If you are also interested in interior wood panelling, our experts can give you advice. We can help you choose the right wood, pattern and colour. With FEEL WOOD you can create a cosy home!

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