65 m² wooden floor – a dream in solid oak

A solid oak floor is undoubtedly the best choice for any living space. With a generous surface area of 65 square metres, this floor is a true luxury that not only impresses visually, but also changes the entire atmosphere of a room. In this reference project we would like to give you an impression of how a FEEL WOOD solid wood floor in an old apartment in the centre of Linz has transformed the room into a warm and natural paradise.

The project was challenging because the walls of the flat, built in 1950, were not all straight. Precision work was required here to ensure that the wooden floor was laid perfectly. In addition, different surfaces and ground levels had to be compensated for. Despite this, the team managed to professionally bond the wooden floor in just three days and successfully complete the project.

Five years after the project was completed, the wooden floor is still as gleaming as the day it was laid, despite the wear and tear of two children. This underlines the durability and robustness of solid oak flooring.

It is important to know that solid wood flooring can be laid almost anywhere. Careful initial care after installation is important to preserve the beauty and quality of the floor. Solid wood floors are also ideal for laying over underfloor heating systems, as they conduct heat well and create a cosy atmosphere. It should be noted, however, that some types of wood, such as beech and maple, are described as ‘nervous’ because they are sensitive to changes in humidity and tend to split easily if the relative humidity is not matched to the indoor climate.

All in all, a solid oak floor is a timeless choice. It not only adds natural beauty to your home, but also enhances its warmth and elegance. Make your dream home a reality and invest in the quality and sustainability of a solid wood floor that will last for generations.

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